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Biz Creators Club

A Biz Creators Club in HSMSS is a group formed by students who are interested in entrepreneurship and business ventures. It provides a platform for like-minded individuals to come together, share ideas, and pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. The club's primary purpose is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among its members and encourage them to explore innovative ideas, develop their entrepreneurial skills, and take steps towards starting their own businesses.

Employability Club

An Employability Club in college is a group that aims to enhance the employability and career readiness of its members. The club focuses on providing resources, skills development, and networking opportunities to help students prepare for their future careers.

Social Service Club

The Social Services Club is a Centre for Social Activities which is an in-house organization where serving the community comes first by doing charity works, donation, managing events to give the community back and spread happiness. The key objective of Social Service Club is to make the students aware about the social responsibilities and encourage them to serve the community. It also aims to provide a platform for open discussions of ideas, public interest, opinions, views for a social cause

Art Club

The Art Club of HSMSS is a club made up of students of the Hetauda School of Management & Social Sciences, which is dedicated to various art forms such as music, dance, craft, sketching, etc. The club focuses on various art domains and organizes various events relevant to the domains providing a platform for the artists to showcase their skill set, and on the other hand, the platform focuses on the fun and recreational part for the artists as well as the audience.

IT Club

An IT Club in college is an organization or group that focuses on promoting and exploring various aspects of information technology. The club aims to provide opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and interest in IT-related fields.

Orator Club

An Orator's Club is an organization or group dedicated to enhancing public speaking and communication skills among its members. The purpose of an Orator's Club is to provide a supportive and constructive environment for individuals who wish to develop their oratory abilities and become effective speakers.