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Community Engagement

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond academia and dives deep into the realm of sports and community engagement. Recognizing the power of sports in fostering teamwork, discipline, and resilience, we have actively championed various initiatives to uplift the spirit of sportsmanship within and beyond our campus. These initiatives underscore our belief in the transformative power of sports and our determination to create a holistic educational environment that celebrates both intellectual and athletic pursuits. We are committed to producing not just scholars but also well-rounded individuals who can thrive in any arena of life.

Supporting National Talent: Our college has taken pride in financially supporting several matches for national football and cricket players, underlining our dedication to nurturing and showcasing top-tier talent on both national and international stages.

Alumni-Community Matches: To foster the bonds formed during collegiate years and to engage with our wider community, our institution regularly organizes matches where our esteemed alumni come together to play. They serve as an inspiration to current students, showcasing the lasting impact of our college's sports culture.