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An experiential learning platform where students learn various dimensions of entrepreneurship and equip themselves with necessary business skills.


Focus on Developing an entrepreneurial mindset that could assist students and entrepreneurs in being successful.


A fully functional, self-sustaining incubation center recognizing entrepreneurs with innovative ideas with scalability providing strategic, technical, and financial support.


  • Innovation: Generating problem-solving ideas.
  • Learning Attitude: Never feel that you know everything and try learning new things every day. Do not be afraid to fail or make mistakes.
  • Professionalism: Respecting the Value of time and being responsible for one’s actions.


  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset among young people
  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Develop self-employability and create more jobs
  • Minimize risks and support entrepreneurial success
  • Be a catalyst in local/national economic growth

Cohor Details

Cohor Detail I

S.N Company Name Co-Founders
1 Makhan Popcorn Prajwola Gajurel, Isha Silwal
2 He-Wan Ayush Bomjan, Prateek Koirala
3 Nux Masala Nisha Gupta
4 Go Green Suppliers Avishek Shah, Manish Khatiwada

Cohor Detail II

SN Team Name Business Sector Business Idea Team Members
1 Healthy Way Fooding Healthy Affordable foods Nischal Silwal
Bidhata Upreti
2 Green Godam Agriculture-Vegetables Warehousing of Vegetables Aayush Bajracharya
Pratikshya Gartaula
Mengi Dolma Gole
Sapana Thapa Magar
Samartha Sthapit
3 The Ad. Makers Marketing and Advertising Branding & Promotion of Business Houses Sakshyam Gyawali
Deepika Khanal
Ayushi Shahi
Diwakar Nepali
Sushant Bidari
4 Mithas Sugar free Beverage & IT Sugar-free products & Home service of Diabetic testing and online reporting Abhigya Subedi
Aarya Shrestha
Sujita Dhakal
5 Rental Paradise Clothing Dress Rental service & thrift store Manisha Gupta
Kushal Khatri
Nikita Acharya
Aayush Poudel
6 Your Eventful Life Event Management Service Event Management Company Krish Thapa
Urusha Joshi
Aaditya Regmi
Srijan Shrestha
Alina Dahal
7 One Click Multi Service IT Online Job Portal, delivery services, etc… Ritesh Thakur
Sandesh Jamarkatel
Syed Aatif Hasan
8 Digi Prabhat Digital Marketing and Advertising Digital Marketing & Graphics Solution Niruta Dhital
Sandesha Pokhrel
Abhishek Sharma
Ishwor Sapkota


Students from bachelor’s and master’s levels can participate in the incubation program.

Students can apply to the program through the following methods:
  • The program form will be distributed in college.
  • A Google link will also be shared.
  • Selected students will be informed about the details and execution date of the program.

Students should consider joining the incubation program for the following reasons:
  • First-hand experience in starting a business.
  • Mentoring through skilled mentors.
  • Direct feedback related to business and business ideas.
  • Development of a problem-solving attitude.

The academic institution-based incubation center offers the following benefits to students:
  • First-hand experience in entrepreneurship.
  • Promotion of innovation-driven activities at the institute.
  • Comprehensive range of support including space, mentoring, training programs, networking, and other benefits.

The duration of the program varies based on the agreement with the college. Usually, academic incubation is a 6-month long program where students get to know every perspective of business.

Depending upon the session, the class hours and/or few additional hours are required for the program in consent with the college management.

To apply for the incubation program, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Must have a business idea and be running a business.
  • Must be able to commit their time to the workshop program for 6 months.

The number of students selected for the incubation program depends on the college. Ideally, 15 to 20 students are selected.

The incubation center provides the following facilities to students:
  • Training and Development
  • Co-Working Space
  • Mentorship
  • Seed Fund
  • Networking
  • Access to Investors
  • Prototyping

To learn more about the program, you can:
  • Follow or send your queries to our Facebook page.
  • Contact HSM Ihub.
  • Reach us at 984-0278510 or 9841560420 (WhatsApp).