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Program Overview

BBS is a 4-year (Annual) Management undergraduate degree under Tribhuvan University. The objective of this course is to produce competent managers leading different organizations. It mainly focuses on providing students with concepts and skills to handle the operation and management of organizations. At HSMSS, we improve the quality of our BBS graduates by introducing them to various non-accredited courses and exposure to real life situations.


Tribhuban University




4 Years (8 Semesters)




6:10 AM - 10:10 AM



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Study Content

1st Year
Code Subject Credit
MGT 201 Business English 3
MGT 202 Business Statistics 3
MGT 203 Microeconomics 3
MGT 211 Accounting for Financial Analysis 3
MGT 213 Principle of Management 3
2nd Year
Code Subject Credit
MGT 205 Business Communication 3
MGT 206 Macroeconomics 3
MGT 212 Cost & Management Accounting 3
MGT 214 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
MGT 216 Foundations of Human Resource Management 3
3rd Year
Code Subject Credit
MGT 204 Business Law 3
MGT 215 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3
MGT 217 Business Environment & Strategy 3
MGT 218 Taxation & Auditing 3
MGT 219 Organizational Behavior 3
4th Year
Code Subject Credit
MGT 220 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development 3
Concentration I 3
Concentration II 3
Concentration III 3
MGT 221 Business Research Methods 3
MGT 2401 Final Project 3