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Social Responsibility

At HSMSS, we firmly believe that education extends beyond the confines of the classroom. We recognize our privileged position as an institution of learning and have, over the years, translated this into proactive social initiatives that reflect our commitment to the wider community. Hetauda School of Management and Social Sciences periodically conducts programs that benefit the underprivileged and the needy. With an understanding of the challenges faced by the elderly, our college has established a regular donation program to support old age homes. These contributions go beyond just financial aid, as we aim to bring warmth, care, and companionship to the venerable members of our society. By fostering such engagements, we aspire to nurture a generation of individuals who are not only academically proficient but also socially conscious and committed to making a difference.

The college has an active involvement in the donation program- construction of temples, taking the lead in constructing shades for these temples. These shades not only provide shelter for the devotees from the vagaries of weather but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of these religious sites. Recognizing that the sanctity of these spiritual spaces is paramount, HSMSS has also contributed to the construction of robust and beautifully crafted doors for the temples symbolizing our dedication to safeguarding our community's cherished spiritual landmarks.

Sustainability Initiatives

HSMSS has always believed in paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. Recognizing the crucial role educational institutions to inculcate students in shaping mindsets and fostering responsible behavior, we have taken proactive steps toward embedding sustainability at the core of our operations and academic ethos. These actions not only help in mitigating the environmental impacts of campus operations but also serve as teaching moments for students, preparing them for a world where sustainability will be crucial.

Community Engagement

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond academia and dives deep into the realm of sports and community engagement. Recognizing the power of sports in fostering teamwork, discipline, and resilience, we have actively championed various initiatives to uplift the spirit of sportsmanship within and beyond our campus. These initiatives underscore our belief in the transformative power of sports and our determination to create a holistic educational environment that celebrates both intellectual and athletic pursuits. We are committed to producing not just scholars but also well-rounded individuals who can thrive in any arena of life.

Supporting National Talent: Our college has taken pride in financially supporting several matches for national football and cricket players, underlining our dedication to nurturing and showcasing top-tier talent on both national and international stages.

Alumni-Community Matches: To foster the bonds formed during collegiate years and to engage with our wider community, our institution regularly organizes matches where our esteemed alumni come together to play. They serve as an inspiration to current students, showcasing the lasting impact of our college's sports culture.